This is the land of silence and wind that smells of millennium of history, wet once from the salty Alto Adriatico sea with its tide puddle between swarm of insects. This is the land crossed from via Annia that lengthened toward the august capital, shined by St. Mark and Teodoro di Aquileia mosaics. This is the land of great reclamations, of idro-arch of triumph, of green valley of war along the Fiume Rosso banks. It’s the land of reeds, where Ernest Hemingway still wanders. This is the land that extends until disappear to the feet of the blue mountains, where the sky flows and filled of perfumes and tastes of fire, bread and wine.

Terre di Grassaga


Only the best years are considered for the real wine-making. Currently, Terre di Grassaga produced 3 prestigious and high quality wines.

Terre di Grassaga
Merlot 56 2015
Clay ground. Red River. Deep roots.

It is born in the holy river habitat, in vineyards innervated in 1956 on clay lawns. This stately merlot, maturates in cherry and oak wood.

Cuvee Oro 07
Golden Reflex.

Persistent and delicate perlage. From the fusion of noble good tradition white wines, a sublime way to gladden your hearts.

White Manzoni 08
The elegance of perfumes.

Born from the untiring job of Prof. Manzoni, this wine reproduces all the characteristics of its derive parents: White Pinot and Riesling Renano.